Sunday, March 15, 2020

Soup a Model Essay Example

Soup a Model Essay Example Soup a Model Essay Soup a Model Essay Comparing differences and similarities:  These two adverts designed by Cup a soup advertising Slim a soup both have similar design ideas and both use the same idea to promote the product in slightly different ways. Although this product is advertised towards two different ages that have many similarities such as that both of the designs are done in a biro effect. If you go through the adverts you notice many similarities starting with the first line in both adverts the word Instant is highlighted. Also the second line which in both adverts is the boldest has the main pun of the two adverts Soup a Model both underlined. The advert then continues with two steps the first step refers to super models in one way or another. In one lips and the other dress sizes, these two items referring to being a super model are also aimed at two different ages. The second point in both adverts refers to the soup Slim a Soup and gives basic directions to how to use the soup. Although these two adverts have the same ideas throughout and have a lot of similarities there are also many differences, which makes the two adverts stand out from each other such as the first two lines on each advert are done with different type faces and also in the first line the word Instant is highlighted in different ways one is in bolder type the other is boxed to add more emphasis. In the second line the tittle is underlined in both adverts but in different ways. For the next two points the typeface from the title is continued into the sub-titles but a smaller version. In point one in both adverts, although both of them are talking about being a super model they do it in two different ways, one focuses on having the perfect lips aimed at older teenagers or even younger women, and the other is about a black, size 6 garment aimed at older women. Finally the last points both talk about the soup, but one contains a pun about the garments of clothing talked about in one of the adverts. Review:  I think these adverts work really well mainly due to them being so unconventional and that they attract you to look at them really well. The main pun Soup a Model helps advertise Slim a Soup really well as it portrays an image of everything the designers want you to think of Slim a Soup such as Weight loss, good looks and also that it is really stylish and that the likes of real models will be drinking Slim a Soup to loose weight. Also the fact that it is drawn in biro helps advertise it because doodling about yourself being a model on a piece of paper is something that a lot of women can relate to which in its self puts the on to a level of understanding women can easily relate to. Comments: I think both these adverts are both really good and advertise Slim a Soup really well. I really like the pun Soup a Model used throughout the two adverts it also tells us everything Slim a Soup is made out to be. I also like the picture of the lips I think it looks really good and it portray a good image in your mind. I dont like the dress idea that much as there isnt enough colour and makes the adverts look a little dull. I really like the fact that it is done in biro, as it is really different and unusual.  My own advert:  For this I will be using ideas from the two adverts I have been studying and design a similar one for an in-between age group of about 20-35. I will be keeping the layout and puns the same but change points 1 and 2 to fit my new age group.

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