Thursday, January 23, 2020

Brain Structures: The Effects on Males and Females Essay examples --

Brain is the most powerful and complicated structure of human organ. Human brain is totally spectacular and is the most valuable gift towards the people. Actually, there are subtle differences in the way male’s and female’s brains are structured and in the way they react to a particular event and stimuli. Men‘s brains on average is ten percent bigger than women’s and have four percent more cells. Somehow, women’s brains consist of more nerve cells and cellular connections, which make their brains more compact and smaller to be more effective and efficient. The differences in the brain structures that effect on male and female are most in their thinking ability, the communication skill, as well as the abilities in certain fields are our areas of research. The main differences in brain structures that influenced male and female are their thinking ability. It most likely impacts on how they process and amass all the information. Firstly, according to Lin (2008), men think separately and women think globally. In short, men tend to store details much like file-cabinet-drawer system. Meanwhile, women tend to connect all things up. For example, a man will close the ‘wife drawer’ and open the ‘work drawer’, leave behind all thought of disagreement with his wife and stay focused on work. However, his wife has been simmering all day about the disagreement. It is because she is thinking globally and intertwining details. Next, according to Gray (2011), men always execute assignments on the rational side of the brain substantially, which is left-side of the brain. He also notes men achieved better on tests requiring mental rotation, a thought to indicate direction. On the other hand, women are undoubtedly superior at t hinking, based on G... ...hese differences. By knowing all these differences, at least, we can gain a better appreciation for the unique strength and qualities towards the opposite sex. Although both men and women as population tend to do better at certain areas, the margin of difference is slightly small. The more men and women understand their differences, the further they will value each other. Works Cited Gray, J (2011). The Male vs. the Female Brain. Retrieved 2011, December 12, from Hensley, A (2009). 10 Big Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Brains. Retrieved, December 12, from Lin (2008). Why Are Women So Strange and Men So Weird?. Retrieved 2011, December 12 from Why Do Men And Women Think Differently?. (n.d.). Retrieved 2011, December 12, from http://www.healthlady.

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