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Hurricane Katrina A Study of the Climate Risk Management...

Response to Hurricane Katrina Section One The Bureaucratic/Hierarchical method is the standard disaster method used within the United States. The principle is that it is the responsibility of the local government to respond immediately to a disaster and only to seek help from the federal government when absolutely necessary. This model stems from the historical interpretation of the various government powers. The local and state government has the reserved power to dictate such local decisions. The Network model is a method devised after Hurricane Katrina, by which the federal government has now obtained the authority to step into state emergencies and supersede the states authority to act and assist. While this method may seem to may more effective then the local effort, the question remains whether federal government intervention into the events is a public good or yet another removal of states rights. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, states dealt with many serious catastrophes, some of which had even greater tolls on the property and people of the areas. The difference lies within the response of the individual states. In fact, the greatest criticism of Mayor Ray Nagin following the disaster was his lack of implementation of already existing measures. Simply put, Mayor Nagin failed to preform is proper role as Mayor. Were evacuation protocols followed, many argue that the deaths never would have happened. In reality, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) didShow MoreRelatedHurricane Katrina: Analysis And Summary Of Articles1. .1567 Words   |  7 PagesHurricane Katrina: Analysis and Summary of Articles 1 Hurricane Katrina: Analysis and Summary of Articles Micheal Boor GO125DL Natural Disasters Park University Ms. Jill Lockard 09 April 2017 Hurricane Katrina: Analysis and Summary of Articles 2 Abstract The intent of this paper will be to analyze and summarize scholarly case studies and news articles concerning the flooding caused when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana in 2005. Additionally, this paper will provideRead MoreThe Federal Emergency Management Agency1348 Words   |  6 PagesAs the state of our currently understood weather patterns and global climate become more understood, in context, with great concern, the federal government has placed an ever larger portion of its national focus on promoting a more efficient response to such concern via disaster mitigation and management with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A historical extension of the federal government for which is principle utilized for disaster aid and response, this agency is as much a direct extensionRead MoreThe Flood Of 1955 And Hurricane Katrina1847 Words   |  8 Pagesof these are the Connecticut Flood of 1955 and Hurricane Katrina. Even though these are two different types of natur al disasters; the level of destruction, preparedness, mitigation strategies, and the overall aftermaths had profound and lasting changes on the areas inflicted, mainly Connecticut and Louisiana. In August of 1955, Connecticut suffered one of its worst flooding disasters in the history of the state. The flood was caused by two hurricanes passing through the region around the same timeRead MoreThe Impacts of Natural Disasters on the Tourism Industry Essay example2352 Words   |  10 PagesDisasters on the Tourism Industry THM 1311 Intro. to Tourism Hospitality Management Samantha Salamon THM 1311 Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management The Impacts of Natural Disasters and on the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Table of Contents Introduction Why Study the Impacts of Natural Disasters on the Tourism Industry? Taiwan Earthquake of 1991 Japan Earthquake of 2011 Market Rebuilding/Hurricane Katrina Works Cited page 1 page 2 pages 3-4 page 5 page 6-7 page 8 2|Page Read MoreCurrent Prioritization Of Early Warning1490 Words   |  6 Pagesaction and find out the reason behind it 2. Successes and challenges in early warning (EW) implementation Methodology In this study, different journal articles, government reports and resources on the internet have been used for literature review. Various sets of secondary data were also used. Moreover, the author used the learnings and class notes of the Environmental risk and hazard course for the write-up of this paper. Prioritizing early warning (EW) in current policy actions From the articleRead MoreGraduate Level Class: Emergency Management4166 Words   |  17 Pagesï » ¿Introduction Hurricane Katrina happened 4 years after the attacks of 9/11, 3 years after the succeeding production of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and one year after the DHS had actually produced a National Response Plan. However regardless of the heightened focus on homeland safety, the feedback to Katrina was a failure. The world viewed as government responders appeared not able to provide standard security from the ravages of nature. The titles of 2 congressional reports summedRead MoreHurricane Katrin The United States6790 Words   |  28 Pages In late August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina descended on the Gulf Coast of the United States, forever altering millions of lives. The category 5 hurricane became the third largest storm to hit the United States. It caused $150 billion in property damages (not including the destruction of the New Orleans levees) making it the costliest hurricane in United States History. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, the United States Coast Guard rescued over 34,000 people in New Orleans alone. OthersRead MorePrinciples for Population-Based Management2225 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿Principles for Population Based Management Abstract: Public health is becoming now, more than ever a subject of societal concern. Public health scares such as SARS and the Swine Flu might be the first thing that people think of when they hear the words public health but the reality is that more common conditions are the things which drain the public health sector in a more profound and debilitating manner. These are conditions like adult and childhood obesity, lung cancer from smoking, diabetesRead MorePrincess Diary4746 Words   |  19 Pagestá »â€¢ chá » ©c khà ¡c. Theo Thá »â€˜ng kà ª Dà ¢n sá »â€˜ nÄÆ'm 2000, dà ¢n sá »â€˜ thà  nh phá »â€˜ là   484.674 ngÆ °Ã¡ » i. Cá »â„¢ng thà ªm nhá » ¯ng ngoá º ¡i à ´ trong Quá º ­n Jefferson, Quá º ­n St. Bernard bà ªn cá º ¡nh, và   nhá » ¯ng khu gá º §n khà ¡c, con sá »â€˜ Ä‘Ã ³ tá »â€ºi khoá º £n 1,4 triá »â€¡u ngÆ °Ã¡ » i. Tuy nhià ªn, New Orleans bá »â€¹ cÆ ¡n bà £o Katrina tà  n phà ¡ và  o ngà  y 29 thà ¡ng 8 nÄÆ'm 2005, là  m khá º ¯p thà  nh phá »â€˜ bá »â€¹ lá » ¥t lá »â„¢i thà ª thá º £m, bá º ¯t má » i ngÆ °Ã¡ » i dà ¢n phá º £i sÆ ¡ tà ¡n và   là  m nhiá » u ngÆ °Ã¡ » i thiá »â€¡t má º ¡ng. Và  o nhá » ¯ng nÄÆ'm sau, dà ¢n sá »â€˜ là ªn lá º ¡i khoá º £ng 1,2 triá »â€¡u ngÆ °Ã¡ » i. New Orleans cà ³ má »â„¢t khu Viá »â€¡t Nam lá »â€ºn trong phà ­a Ä Ãƒ ´ngRead MoreDisaster Dilemma3137 Words   |  13 Pageschaos and desperation of those situations effect decision making for nurse managers. Dilemmas in Disaster. Whats a Nurse Manager To Do? In July of 2006, two nurses and a doctor were charged with murder as a result of their actions during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This charge was related to their administration of iv pain medicine and iv sedation to critically ill elderly patients, who subsequently died before evacuation was possible Based on evidence from witnesses, Louisiana’s declared their

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